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The contest is over.



The tin foil hat is the only known way to effectively block all kinds of radiation and protect the hat wearer's thoughts from external intrusion [source].

But how to make the most effective foil hat? And how do you make it aesthetically pleasing? These issues are of great importance for us, and that’s why we now organize The Tin Foil World Cup 2012. A competition held to bring awareness to the tin foil hats superiority.

But you really need to stop reading and start folding now; the longer you wait, the more of your thoughts the government will have read.

May the best tin foil hat win! 

Rules, prizes and stuff here

To participate, simply create an account and start uploading pictures of your best tin foil creations. None of the information entered will be given to a third part, we simply need it to know where to send the prices.